Commemorating Reformation 500, Taiwan Catholic Church And PCT Hold A Communion Service

In order to commemorate Reformation 500, a communion service organized by PCT and Taiwan Catholic Churchwas held at Che-nAn Presbyterian Church on October 17.

Being invited to deliver a sermon in this service, entitled as "Reformation and Universal Human Rights", Prof DrWolfgang Huber, former bishop of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia, stressed "The real commemoration of Reformation 500 does not rest on various celebrations to honor any Protestant reformer, but remember our Lord Jesus Christ!".

Because the church was not abruptly merged after reformation, but already received her embryo in the coming of Holy Spiritat the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago and developed gradually as indicated in the book of Acts, remarked Prof Huber.

Affirming the church of Taiwan, as a part of Apostle Paul's home land Asia, was solidly built upon the rock of JesusChrist, Prof Huber reminded the audience that the only to receive God's righteousness is through repentance and not by money offerings or good works.

He also urged Christians to observe communion with God from a more humble, thanks-giving and ecumenicalperspective. The impending visit to Sweden at the end of October by Pope Francis, celebrating Reformation 500 there with Sweden's Protestant Church, was hailed by Prof Huber as history breaking. "It [a mutual visit between the Catholic Church and Protestant Church] is unimaginable several decades ago!", exclaimed Prof Huber.

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan