Completion of the Integrated Building of the Longgang Mosque

While attending the Completion Ceremony for the Integrated Building of Taiwan Province Taoyuan County Longgang Mosque at Longgang Mosque in Zhongli District in the morning of October 23rd 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the Longgang Mosque served as an important center of the Muslim faith in Taoyuan and a key cultural landmark that must be treasured and preserved. The Taoyuan City Government will pursue partnerships with Longgang Mosque so that citizens can gain a better understanding of Muslim culture while exhibiting the charms of Taoyuan's cultural diversity.

Mayor Cheng expressed that the background and construction of the Integrated Building of Longgang Mosque opened to the public on October 23rd has frighten with many difficulties. The Mosque not only served as the center of faith for many immigrants from Myanmar and Yunnan, it is also the heart of the Golden Triangle of Charms Program initiated by the city government. The Mosque is filled with the charms of the Islamic Civilization and Taoyuan City Government will continue to support community building and various religious activities of the Longgang Mosque and transform it into an important landmark for Muslim culture in Taiwan.

Mayor Cheng expressed that the Islamic Culture loves peace. Life in a land of deserts and grassy plains gave rise to a culture that promotes mutual aid and support. The teachings of the Quran can trace back many centuries which have inspired the faith of many believers. The 2016 Taoyuan City Documentary Screening and Training Event includes works that provide a vivid portrayal of Muslim families and the lives they lead in the community, helping people to appreciate the beauty of Muslim culture.

Attendants to the event included Taoyuan City Councilor Hsieh Chang-Wen, Zhongli District Chief Lin Hsiang-Mei, and Director Ma Tzu-Cheng of Longgang Mosque.

Source: Taoyuan City