Consensus reached to halve infrastructure budget

A special budget request for the government's forward-looking infrastructure plan has been passed. Premier Lin Chuan said Thursday that the Cabinet will explain their budget proposal in the upcoming week.

The infrastructure plan is the Tsai administration's premier economic stimulus package. The plan seeks to invest NT$880 billion (US$28.8 billion) over the next eight years in areas such as water management, green energy, light rail and digital development. The massive spending proposal has drawn strong pushback from the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), however.

Earlier on Wednesday, lawmakers from the majority DPP and KMT reached a consensus to halve the budget to NT$420 billion (US$13.7 billion) and shorten the implementation period from eight to four years.

Premier Lin said the Cabinet will listen to input from different departments as it draws up the budget for the first year.

Source: Radio Taiwan International