Control Yuan publishes book on 1970 Taiyuan prison incident

Taipei-The Control Yuan has published a book based on the Taiyuan Incident, an anti-government movement in 1970 that involved political prisoners and prison guards at Taiyuan Prison in Taitung, as well as young aboriginal people sympathetic to their cause, Control Yuan member Wang Mei-yu (???) said Monday.

The incident occurred Feb. 8, 1970, when six political prisoners incarcerated at the prison planned an armed revolution to take over the prison and to begin a campaign aimed at obtaining Taiwan independence.

The incident was classified as a failed uprising against the ruling Kuomintang regime after the six prisoners were caught in the act of trying to bayonet a prison officer. Five of them were executed two months later, while the sixth, Cheng Cheng-cheng (???), was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Wang said in a statement.

Noting that the rebels have been deliberately erased from Taiwan's history, Wang said that because the files on the incident have been deliberately covered up, people with differing political stances have different interpretations of the event.

Therefore, the Control Yuan published the book -- a compilation of its investigative reports on the incident -- on the eve of Dec. 10 Human Rights Day.

According to the book, there is no definition of the political prisoners and it is unknown whether they were revolutionaries, rebels or prison breakers, or their motivation, because all the relevant files and documents have been deliberately concealed.

The establishment of justice is something that involves a revelation of the truth. "No truth, no reconciliation," Wang said,

Wang also called on the government to make political files available for public inspection.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel