Control Yuan to review processing of sexual assault cases

Taipei--Following the suicide of writer Lin Yi-han (???), the Tainan District Prosecutors' Office confirmed on Thursday that it launched an investigation into the case on May 1, but declined to comment further as the case is ongoing.

Tainan City Police Department Commissioner Huang Tsung-jen (???) also said that his police department had started an investigation on May 2 but cited difficulties because Lin's parents have yet to officially report the case to police.

Meanwhile, two members of the Control Yuan said on Thursday they plan to launch their own investigation into the recent death of Lin Yi-han in the wake of remarks made by her parents in a public statement that their daughter killed herself following years of mental anguish after allegedly being raped by a cram school teacher eight or nine years ago.

Wang Mei-yu (???) and Chang Kuei-mei (???) of the Control Yuan, the government supervisory body, said they will review the handling of the case by government agencies.

They said they will investigate to determine whether education authorities properly implemented measures to register cram school teachers and report unqualified teachers to protect students' rights and safety.

In addition, they will ask government agencies what measures are in place to protect students from being assaulted or harassed by cram school teachers and if the channels used to report such crimes are effective, the two members said.

Furthermore, they said, they will ask authorities to explain what assistance sexual assault victims and their families can expect from government agencies, as well as regulations relating to information disclosure and privacy protection.

They will also seek to find out what kinds of external regulations and self-disciplinary measures exist to guide government agencies when responding to media reports on rape cases, Wang and Chang said.

Lin, a 26-year-old writer who published her first novel "Fang Ssu-chi De Chu Lian Le Yuan" (???????? literally, Fang Ssu-chi's First Love Paradise) in February, was found dead by her husband in the family home after an apparent suicide last week.

Her parents have attributed their daughter's death to the alleged rape by a cram school teacher during her high school years from which they said she never recovered.

A Chinese literature teacher who taught under the pseudonym Chen Hsing (??) was named as the suspect in the case by Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Lin Chun-hsien and Kaohsiung City Councilor Hsiao Yung-ta (???).

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel