Cooler weather in northern Taiwan unlikely to last

Thanks to northeasterly winds, the weather in eastern and northern areas will be cooler on Monday, with the highest temperature reaching 27-29 degrees Celsius, down 5 degrees from the previous day, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast.

The same areas will also receive occasional showers during the day brought by northeasterly winds, but the cooler weather is not expected to last as the wind weakens, the bureau said.

The wind will have less impact in central and southern areas, where the temperature will remain 31-32 degrees Celsius on Monday, with a low of about 23-24 degrees nationwide, according to the CWB's forecast.

The weather bureau predicted this week will be mostly sunny, with highs of about 30-32 degrees most of the time. In fact, daytime temperatures on Oct. 26-27 could reach 34 degrees, the bureau said.

There will be no cool front until the weekend, the bureau forecast, when northern and eastern areas will again receive sporadic rain, which will also reach parts of central and southern Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel