Couple wins NT$2 million and SUV in scratch lotto

Taipei-A Taiwanese couple has grabbed the first of seven "NT$2 million plus a BMW SUV" prizes in a special Lunar New Year scratch card game, dubbed "NT$20 million Super Red Envelope," launched by the Taiwan Lottery Corp. for the festival, the company said Friday.

The couple in their 40s recently bought a Super Red Envelope scratch card for NT$2,000 in Taoyuan. Upon scratching the card, they spotted the symbol of an automobile, according to the lotto vendor who sold the winning scratch card.

The symbol represents the second-top prize of the limited edition of the scratch card game, the vendor said, which means that the scratch card owner won NT$2 million in cash and a BMW SUV.

"Can't believe we won with a mere one card," the couple was cited by the vendor as telling their two children about their win.

The "NT$20 million Super Red Envelope" scratch card game offers three NT$20 million jackpots, seven NT$2 million plus a BMW SUV prizes, and 520 NT$1 million prizes, according to the Taiwan Lottery.

As of Feb. 10, 110 NT$1 million prizes and one NT$2 million plus the SUV had been claimed, the company said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel