Court gives verdict on student occupation of the Cabinet building

The Taipei District Court has handed down a verdict on student protestors’ occupation of the Cabinet building in March, 2014. The court sentenced 11 protestors to anywhere between three and five months in prison for obstructing official business and damaging public property.

However, the court ruled that other defendants, including a student leader Wei Yang, were not guilty of aggravated burglary and instigating others to commit a crime.

Protesters occupied the Legislature for nearly a month in March and April of 2014. They were unhappy with attempts by the then majority Kuomintang to force the passage of a controversial trade pact with China. After occupying the legislature, groups of protestors then broke into the Cabinet building on March 23. They were evicted the following day after violent scuffles with the police.

The premier at the time, Jiang Yi-huah, filed a lawsuit against the protestors but President Tsai Ing-wen dropped the charges after taking office last May. Damaging public property, however, is an indictable offense and cannot be withdrawn.

The Cabinet says it respects the verdict in the case.

Source: Radio Taiwan International