Cross-strait stability a shared responsibility: President Tsai

Taipei, President Tsai Ing-wen said Friday that maintaining stability in relations across the Taiwan Strait is a shared responsibility to be borne by both sides, and she called on China to make an effort, with Taiwan, to achieve the objective.

Tsai was responding to questions from reporters during a talk at her residence about recent statements made by Chinese President Xi Jinping stressing his focus on facilitating cross-strait unification and opposing forces pursuing Taiwan independence.

Her administration's approach to handling cross-strait relations has been based on the overall assessment of the situation confronting Taiwan conducted by her national security team rather than just statements made by Chinese leaders, Tsai said.

"We listen carefully to what Chinese leaders have to say, but we have our own evaluations."

Despite some disruptive incidents over the past 30 months since she came into office, cross-strait relations on the whole have been relatively stable, a development that has earned recognition from other players in the region, Tsai said.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council