Cross-strait ties ‘not ideal enough’: premier

Taipei--The Tsai Ing-wen (???) administration has hoped for positive interactions between Taiwan and China since it took office on May 20 last year, but the situation has not been "ideal enough," Premier Lin Chuan (??) said Tuesday.

The government will continue its efforts in this area with the hope of engaging in interactions with China under the principles of equality and dignity, while building mutual trust and generating good will through contacts between the two sides.

Lin made the comment during a legislative question-and-answer session when asked to respond to concerns over cross-Taiwan Strait relations and newly amended labor laws expressed in an annual survey released by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Taipei on Monday.

In the 2017 Business Climate Survey, the executives at American companies in Taiwan who responded to the survey identified government regulations, cross-strait relations, trade/economy and labor/employment as the major factors affecting their companies.

Lin said AmCham Taipei representatives paid him a courtesy call before the results of the survey were released and told him of their concerns, and they had a full understanding of the Cabinet's views and policies on these issues.

In terms of cross-strait ties, Lin said the government will continue to push for friendly interactions with China.

On labor issues, he said he respected different opinions on the labor law revisions passed in December 2016 and acknowledged that the new five-day workweek and overtime rules will increase operating costs, especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Lin contended, however, that the revisions represented progress in improving the Labor Standards Act and said they will definitely benefit workers who are entitled to work fewer hours and have more time to rest.

The government will continue to assess and adjust the new work rules to allow their smooth implementation and reduce their short-term impact on businesses, Lin said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel