Culture and science ministries to team up on policy-making

Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun says her ministry is hoping to team up with the ministry of science and technology to map out guidelines on cultural policies. Cheng was speaking on Monday at a forum on culture and technology.

Without culture and innovation, Cheng said, Taiwan’s science and tech industries would be relegated to serving as contract manufacturer for other countries.

She spoke about how the two ministries can work together to come up with new guidelines.

The guidelines will make us think about how science and technology can promote cultural development,” said Cheng.

“We also hope to consider the ways in which technological developments can be used in the pursuit of humanistic values, which can in turn, inform the way we think about the Taiwan’s future science and tech policy. I believe that a [public] discussion of policy can help launch a policy transformation, so that culture can become a driving force in Taiwan’s future developmental transformation,” she said.

Science and Technology Minister Chen Liang-gee also spoke at the forum on Monday. He said that both culture and the area of science and technology are two sides of the same coin.

Source: Radio Taiwan International