Daytime highs could hit 34 degrees in western Taiwan Sunday

Temperatures could climb to as high as 34 degrees Celsius with sunny skies or partly sunny skies in western Taiwan on Sunday as chances of rain have educed in those regions, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

The greater Taipei area and Keelung in the north coast and eastern Taiwan could see brief showers, with temperatures forecast to climb to 34 degrees in regions between Taoyuan and Chiayi, it said.

As moisture has been dissipating during the day time and Typhoon Sarika's periphery subsiding, high temperatures in most regions in western Taiwan could reach 32 degrees and 30 degrees in eastern Taiwan, it said. However, the mercury could drop to 24-26 degrees across Taiwan from Sunday night to Monday morning, according to the Bureau.

At the same time, Typhoon Sarika, the No. 21 tropical storm originating in the Pacific in this year's typhoon season, is moving toward the South China Sea after making landfall in Luzon Island, acording to the bureau.

It forecast that the typhoon will begin to bring heavy rain to eastern Taiwan and the Hengchun Peninsula in the south between Sunday night and Tuesday, while parts in southern and northern Taiwan will see brief showers.

As for the No. 22 typhoon Haima, it was moving toward the north of Luzon Island and Bashi Channel and its cloud system is likely to influence the weather in Taiwan on Thursday and Friday, the bureau said.

However, the extent of its influence will depend on the storm's course and development, it said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel