Defense Min. urges new ways of thinking about cross-strait ties

Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan on Sunday called for new positive ways of thinking about cross-strait relations. He said that with the political situation caught up in old patterns, China will continue to engage in rhetorical threats and saber rattling.

The defense minister's comments on Sunday came during an academic conference. He said that cross-strait peace, regional security and stable development are long-term goals of the government.

Feng said Taiwan does not want to see the conflict with China come to a head, and it will not develop nuclear weapons. He said, though, that Taiwan does not fear war, and would show its determination to defend itself in the event of provocation.

The defense minister said Taiwan looked forward to the two sides creating new, positive ways of thinking, accumulating goodwill, and working together to build mutual trust and bring peace and stability to Asia.

Source: Radio Taiwan International