Department of Electrical Engineering of NUK Won the Shin Kong Nationwide Robot Competition Championship Prizes

Amazing! Professor Chih-Hung Wu led the teams of students from the Department of Electrical Engineering of National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) won two gold medals and one bronze medal in the Nationwide Robot Competition, which held by Taiwan Shin Kong Security CO., LTD. These Robots also caught the spot lights in the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show.

Robot manufacturing combines various fields of technology and study, such as covering electrical, electronics, information, and communications technology, said Professor Wu. The students of the champion team manage to integrate all these systems; especially the core software program has been developed by the students instead of applying ready-made programs. In this regard, the team could adjust the controlling program in timely manner during the race. This is one of the key points to win the competition.

The utilization of robot in many fronts is getting wider than before. Professor Wu emphasized that, the aim of leading the students to participate the competition is not for the prize, but to train students to innovate and integrate these technologies. This is a vital skill for students to solve the problems and to confront the challenges in their future career.

Source: National University of Kaohsiung