Deputy legislature president thanks Burkina Faso for support

Deputy Legislature President Tsai Chi-Chang has thanked the West African nation of Burkina Faso for its continued support of Taiwan.

Tsai expressed his gratitude in a Facebook post on Tuesday, after meeting with a delegation of lawmakers from the country earlier in the day.

Burkina Faso is one of only two African countries that still hold official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. In an interview with Bloomberg, Burkinabe Foreign Minister Alpha Barry said Beijing had offered the country a large sum of money in exchange for cutting ties with Taiwan. Burkina Faso, however, rejected the offer.

Later, during an interview with Taiwan's Central News Agency on Wednesday, Tsai said he feels the people of Taiwan have matured, and no longer get stuck on the number of allies that Taiwan still has. However, he also said that efforts to lure away Taiwan's allies will only strengthen negative perceptions of Beijing among the Taiwanese public.

Source: Radio Taiwan International