Detained Taiwan activist’s wife solicits overseas assistance

Taipei--The wife of a Taiwan human rights activist detained in China indicated in a media interview published on Tuesday that she plans to seek international assistance to secure her husband's release rather than reach a private understanding with Beijing.

In the interview with the Chinese-language version of the BBC News online conducted in late April, Lee Ching-yu (???), the wife of Lee Ming-che (???) who has been detained for more than 40 days in China, mentioned her husband's hypertension and recounted how they met and got married.

Lee Ching-yu said her appeals to the international community were aimed at maximizing the international exposure received by her husband's case through the involvement of international media and scholars.

Lee Ming-che (???) was detained after entering Zhuhai City via Macau on March 19. He used to work for Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party and is currently a staff member at Wenshan Community College in Taipei, as well as a volunteer at the local NGO Covenant Watch.

Chinese officials have said that Lee is being investigated over matters related to China's national security and he is in good health.

In the interview, Lee Ching-yu said Lee Chun-min (???), head of the Cross-strait Exchange Center, brought her a copy of a letter allegedly from her husband on April 7, but she refused to accept it, believing it to be fake.

She also said that if she accepted the conditions Lee Chun-min said were offered by the Chinese authorities for the conditional release of her husband, Beijing would be able to accuse him of any number of false charges.

Lee Ching-yu was adamant that following the international path is the only way likely to gain her husband's release.

Despite the current standstill in cross-Taiwan Strait relations, Lee Ching-yu said she still hopes Taiwan's government will work to help secure her husband's release with the assistance of a third country.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel