DPP lawmakers report on economic performance under Tsai

Ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) lawmakers held a press conference Thursday to report on the nation's economic progress since the Tsai Ing-wen administration took power nearly a year ago.

DPP Deputy Secretary-General Hsu Chia-ching said Taiwan is seeing a lower unemployment rate compared to when President Tsai took office, overall GDP growth has gone from negative to positive, and most of Taiwan's local industries are showing stronger performance.

Hsu also quoted the 2017 economic freedom index released by the US-based think tank Heritage Foundation. She said the ranking of Taiwan's investment environment has risen to 11th in the world, which is a significant improvement from the 25th place in 2008, and far above South Korea in 27th.

Hsu also said the Legislature should pass the government's Forward-Looking Infrastructure Program, which he said is crucial to attract more investment to Taiwan. The program focuses on five areas, including green energy, water management, transportation, digital development, and urban and rural development.

Source: Radio Taiwan International