DPP lawmakers sponsor marriage equality amendment to Civil Code

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers Yu Mei-nu and Lin Ching-yi have proposed an amendment to the Civil Code that would make same-sex marriage legal in Taiwan.

The existing Civil Code contains language requiring the consent of a man and a woman for a marriage to be considered valid. The proposed amendment to the code will replace this reference to a man and a woman with the phrase both parties. The proposed amendment will also grant same-sex couples and their children the same rights and responsibilities given to heterosexual couples and their children.

DPP lawmaker Yu Mei-nu said Monday that a free society should not force people to hide their identity or prevent them from expressing their love. Yu also said that the government should not discriminate against couples adopting children based on factors such as sexual orientation or gender identity.

Meanwhile, DPP lawmaker Lin Ching-yi said that while some local governments have begun allowing same-sex couples to register as partners, this kind of registration does not confer official recognition or legal protections. Lin said that the law must be amended to further the rights of Taiwan's LGBT people.

Source: Radio Taiwan International