DSI Director-General orders charges against 10 suspects in illegal surrogacy case

Bangkok, DSI Director-General is of the opinion that 10 suspects should be charged in the illegal surrogacy case. on charges of participation in a transnational criminal organization

According to the Department of Special Investigation, it has been investigating as Special Case No. 236/2022 the case of the illegal recruitment of Thai women to be hired as surrogates (surrogates) for foreign employers who are considered a transnational criminal organization in Nong Khai Province. In the case of Tan Thai Boy (pseudonym)

The special investigation team has completed gathering facts and evidence. And the Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation has the opinion that Ms. Narissara (surname withheld), a total of 10 suspects and her associates, should be charged with the offense of "participating in a transnational criminal organization" according to Section 5 of the Prevention and Suppression of Transnational Crime Act. Participation in transnational criminal organizations 2013 and crimes “Join together to carry out surrogacy for commercial gain” according to Section 24 of the Act on the Protection of Children Born Using Medical Assisted Reproductive Technology, B.E. 2015

It is of the opinion that a case should be filed against Mr. Sunet (surname withheld), the accused of a group of Thai brokers and foreign brokers currently on the run, for the crime of "working together to be a middleman or broker in order to facilitate surrogacy" and A group of Chinese doctors who own a clinic on Ploenchit Road are currently on the run for crimes of “providing medical assisted reproductive technology to husbands and wives. without permission” according to Section 27 and Section 23 of the Act on the Protection of Children Born Using Medical Assisted Reproductive Technology, B.E. 2015

The special case investigation team delivered the special case file to the special case prosecutor on November 7, 2023, along with the accused. The Criminal Court has approved the detention of one person. As for the other 6 suspects who escaped, the Special Cases Investigator has requested the Criminal Court's approval to issue an arrest warrant and will continue to pursue and arrest them.

Source: Thai News Agency