Duo to pay NT$130,000 for fare dodging on high speed rail

Taipei-- A woman who once worked for Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. and her boyfriend will have to pay a total of NT$130,000 (US$4,278) for colluding to ensure the woman did not pay the full fare on two separate trips on the high speed rail from Taipei to Kaohsiung.

The woman, surnamed Liu (?), spent a total of NT$55 on the trips, but she and her boyfriend, surnamed Kuo (?), were fined NT$40,000 each in lieu of 40-day confinement by Ciaotou District Court in Kaohsiung.

Coupled with the NT$50,000 the couple already paid Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp, means they will pay a total of NT$130,000.

The case can still be appealed.

According to the court verdict on Saturday, Liu bought a Taipei-Banqiao unseated ticket (no seat allocated) for NT$35 via automatic vending machine on May 27, 2016, but traveled all the way to Kaohsiung.

During the journey, Liu called Kuo and asked him to buy a seated ticket from Zuoying station, Kaohsiung to Tainan, which he first used to swipe the entrance turnstile without going inside the station.

After arriving in Zuoying, the duo met in a secluded part of the station where Kuo passed the woman the ticket from outside.

Liu then lied to the staff at Zuoying station that she just arrived but could not make her planned trip to Tainan because something had come up. She received a refund and paid only a processing fee of NT$20.

Liu tried the same trick on June 6, but was caught and staff called the police.

The district court, after considering that the duo admitted fare dodging and had already reached a settlement of NT$25,000 each with the company, decided to sentenced them to 40-day confinement for fraud or a NT$40,000 fine each.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel