Dutch man proposes to girlfriend in Sun Moon Lake gondola

Taipei--In a gondola over scenic Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, a couple from the Netherlands got officially engaged on Sunday.

Patrique Burgersdijk, 33, proposed to his 28-year-old girlfriend Michelle in car No. 29 of the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway in Nantou County, according to the gondola transport system operator.

Burgersdijk made his proposal on one knee, presenting Michelle with a diamond ring, as the couple sat facing each other in the car with his lucky number and decorated for the occasion by the gondola operator at Burgersdijk's request.

In a photo for the press, Michelle appeared surprised by the well-planned proposal. The couple were regaled by staffs at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (FACV) upon their arrival at the FACV station on the 1,187-meter-long Ropeway.

Burgersdijk said they both love Asian culture and food. On their current trip to Taiwan, they discovered the "heart of Taiwan" -- Sun Moon Lake -- a beautiful and romantic lake, that is even more stunning viewed from the gondola line.

After discovering the lake and its wonderful surroundings, Burgersdijk decided to make his proposal over Sun Moon Lake, one of Taiwan's most popular tourist attractions, he said.

The couple said they have decided to get married next year and are thinking about returning to Taiwan for their honeymoon.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel