Eastern Taiwanese Characteristic Industries Promote Local Creative Value

The eastern part of Taiwan is limited by the terrain environment and less accessible traffic factors, which lead to the outflow of talents and the development of special industries in the eastern part of the region. The eastern team (SRDC et al.) of the Industrial Development Bureau integrates the local resources and strengthen the eastern design elements, resulting in makers' creativity commercialization, while helping to streamline manufacturing process, in order to enhance the trust of consumers and increase product competitiveness.

According to the market trend and theme set by cultural elements , SRDC will invite professional field such as industry, designers, and experts to carry out exchanges and cooperation, through the inductive analysis of the elements of eastern Taiwan into the product design concept, create excellent creative goods uniquely eastern. In order to maximize the benefits of the products, SRDC will also promote sharing activities and courses on 08/12, 08/26, 09/09, 09/24, 10/07, and 10/21 through matchmaking brand makers and the Stories Hill behind the Mountain.

Recently, the cooperation between SRDC and local artist Yang will lead to the product development and brand design with industry trends and design elements, to enhance the competitiveness of the eastern Taiwanese industry, as well as the added value and differentiation of products. SRDC not only hopes this cooperation can bring benefits to both sides, but also strengthen the eastern industry in partnership and integration, to create a bright spot in eastern part of the Taiwan.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs