Election day will see sunny spells around Taiwan: CWB

Taipei-Taiwan will have sunny spells on Jan. 11 election day and highs of 20 degrees Celsius, following weakening northeasterly winds and a dissipating continental cold air mass, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast Sunday.

Stable weather conditions are expected Monday and Tuesday, when sunny spells can be expected around Taiwan, although scattered showers are possible in Hualien and Taitung, eastern Taiwan, the CWB said.

However, under the influence of strengthening seasonal northeasterly winds Wednesday and a continental cold air mass that is forecast to affect Taiwan Thursday, temperatures in northern and northeastern Taiwan are expected to dive to as low as 14 degrees Celsius Thursday, while the east and south can expect 16-18 degrees, according to the CWB.

Increased clouds with isolated and intermittent rain are forecast for northern and eastern Taiwan Thursday, while central and southern Taiwan will experience partly sunny weather, the CWB said.

On Friday, the seasonal northeasterly winds and cold air mass are expected to weaken, causing the mercury to gradually rebound, but the weather in the early morning will remain cool.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel