Enjoy Creative Life and Open Your Senses to Wood and Incense Exhibits

The creative life industry combines entertainment, education, lifestyle, the aesthetics of living and interaction on the basis of culture, and passes on sensational memories through core knowledge and in-depth experience. In order to add value to creative life industry brands, create business opportunities for the industry and showcase the essence of the creative life industry, the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs is holding an exhibition this year called Creative Life -Skillful and Sensational Touch with creative life industry vendors. The opening ceremony was hosted by Jang-hwa Leu, Deputy Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau, at the Furniture Manufacturing Eco Museum in Tainan. The Furniture Manufacturing Eco Museum in Tainan and the Singang Incense Artistic Culture Garden also invited exhibited wood art and incense art. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of wood crafts and learn the traditional incense ceremony at these two venues. The sophisticated workmanship aims to convey the warmest hospitality of Taiwan.

The theme of this exhibition, skillful and sensational touch, has brought 12 local creative life industry vendors together to present the beauty of art crafts, lifestyle and special cultural relics, immersing visitors in the aesthetics of body, soul and spirit. The venue, the Furniture Manufacturing Eco Museum in Tainan, is owned by Yung Shing Furniture Co., Ltd., which has inherited the historical background and culture of Tainan. The handmade craftsmanship preserves the traditional tenon-and-mortise technique. The properties of woods, lumber processing and precious relics depicting the evolution of furniture exhibit the culture and style of wood art. Craft Academy, established by Yung Shing Furniture ten years ago, is one of the pioneers providing private woodwork education in Taiwan. It not only revives arts and crafts in Taiwan but also plays an important role in the heritage of tenon-and-mortise technique.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs