Entertainer sentenced to 4 years for sexual assault as appeal fails

Taipei,  Taiwan’s Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a guilty verdict against entertainer Chin Wei (秦偉), who has now exhausted all avenues of appeal, and it sentenced him to four years in prison for sexual assault.

The Supreme Court upheld the Taiwan High Court’s ruling on the case and handed down a four-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting a female hairstylist in 2010.

Chin had appealed the case after the High Court found him guilty, saying in its ruling that he had sexually assaulted the hairstylist, using his status as a public figure to satisfy his own sexual desire.

In addition, Chin showed no remorse for what he did, which caused great damage to the victim mentally and physically, the High Court said.

The woman brought strong accusations against Chin in public, posting her comments on Facebook, and Chin made no denials, the High Court said.

The case has been going back and forth in the courts for years since a series of sexual assault allegations were made against Chin by eight women in 2016, including by a screenwriter and a fan of Chin’s.

The two women accused Chin of sexual assault, for which he was sentenced in April to four years in prison on each count, which was combined into a six-year term.

In the April ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the High Court’s decision on the cases involving the screenwriter and fan, but sent the hairstylist’s case back to the High Court for a retrial, citing insufficient evidence.

The High Court sentenced Chin to four years in prison in the retrial in July, prompting Chin to file an appeal. On Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld the High Court’s decision.

Prosecutors said they will need to recommend a combined sentence for the three offenses committed by Chin, who is already in Taichung Prison.

When Chin was indicted by Taipei prosecutors, they sought a 41-year prison sentence, accusing him of seven cases of sexual coercion and three attempted cases of sexual coercion against a total of eight women, including the hairstylist, the screenwriter and the fan.

Chin was acquitted of the charges filed by the other five women.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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