EPA to provide grants for projects promoting recycling innovations

Taipei, The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on Thursday unveiled a recycling innovation grants program for 2019 focused on innovative projects that advance research into innovative recycling solutions and improve processing techniques for recyclable materials, with selected projects to receive a maximum grant of NT$5 million (US$163,645).

To promote innovative approaches to recycling waste and boost the value of recycled materials, the EPA has allocated a budget of NT$50 million to assist innovative recycling projects next year, the administration said in a statement.

Universities, research institutes and wastes processors are welcome to submit proposals, it added.

Innovative R&D is essential to foster the development and competitiveness of green industry, the EPA noted, adding that it plans to solicit projects that establish IoT (Internet of Things) -enabled applications in recycling and waste management, conduct research into techniques for the recycling and reuse of scrap motor vehicles and containers, and upgrade R&D into recycling processing techniques for waste glass in scrap motor vehicles and create value for such recycled materials.

Other projects will be designated in areas such as improving the efficiency, efficacy and reuse rate of waste recycling or the value of recycled materials; developing recycling processing techniques that feature low energy consumption, or rolling out innovative recycling processing and management systems. Each of these projects could secure a grant of up to NT$2 million.

The EPA launched the grants program in 2012 to optimize processing and management techniques related to recycled waste, while promoting the transformation of recycled waste into materials and products. It has since provided grants for 107 projects, according to the administration.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel