Ex-Taipei City councilor given 5 months for vandalism

Taipei, Former Taipei City councilor Lee Chen-long (???) was sentenced to five months in prison Thursday for vandalizing a bronze statue of Japanese engineer Yoichi Hatta in Tainan last year.

A woman, Chiu Chin-wei (???), who helped Lee carry out the decapitation of Hatta's statue at the the Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park near the Wushantou Reservoir, was sentenced to four months behind bars on the same charge of damaging the property of others, the Tainan District Court said in its ruling.

Their punishment can be converted to a fine of NT$1,000 (US$34) per day of the sentences, the ruling said.

According to the ruling, Lee and Chiu, who were disgruntled with remarks praising Hatta's contribution to the Chianan Plain for building the reservoir, drove to the reservoir April 14, 2017 and stayed at a guest house there overnight before going to the statue the next day, where Lee used an electric saw to decapitate the statue.

Lee admitted to the crime afterward, while Chiu was found guilty of keeping watch for Lee while he was committing the offense, the ruling said.

Both Lee and Chiu can appeal the ruling.

Although the Tainan City government swiftly repaired the statue and sent divers to search for the decapitated head in the reservoir, it has never been found.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel