First cold air mass of season to send mercury down late Tuesday

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said on Tuesday that the first cold air mass this winter is expected to hit Taiwan later in the day, with a minimum temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius forecast in the greater Taipei area, followed by a further fall over the next few days.

While Taiwan could continue to experience moderate weather throughout the day on Tuesday, with highs of between 26-29 degrees Celsius across the island, the mercury is likely to drop by more than 10 degrees overnight, added Wu Der-rong (???), a meteorologist and adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University.

The effects of the cold air will be most pronounced between Wednesday and Saturday, the CWB said, adding that temperatures could dip as low as 13 degrees in the north, 15 degrees in central areas and 17 degrees in the south.

Highs in those areas are forecast at 16-18 degrees, 19-23 degrees and 22-26 degrees, respectively, bureau data showed.

The cold weather could last into Saturday, with showers possible between Wednesday and Friday in northern and northeastern areas, the bureau said.

The weather is expected to become warmer over the weekend and last into Monday, it added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel