Fisheries Agency to tell EU of improvements

Fisheries Agency officials will visit the European Union's headquarters next month to communicate Taiwan's latest efforts on enforcing fishing laws.

The trip will be part of Taiwan's ongoing effort to demonstrate that the country is willing and able to comply with international fishing standards.

In September 2015, the European Commission gave Taiwan an official warning, or yellow card, for failing to take action against illegal fishing. Several Taiwanese fishing boats had been found to be involved in illegal transshipment and fish laundering. There were unconfirmed reports that an Indonesian fisher died on a Taiwanese boat due to mistreatment or overwork.

Taiwan has since passed the Act for Distant Water Fisheries and made amendments to two major fisheries laws. The fisheries agency has also been enforcing stricter standards on working conditions in the industry and has set up closed-circuit TV systems that monitor all fishing boats at all times.

Source: Radio Taiwan International