Foreign ministry: Continue to talk to the US on pork

The foreign ministry said Friday that Taiwan will continue to communicate with the United States on the issue of pork imports.

Taiwan has resisted US pressure to allow imports of pork containing ractopamine, a feed additive that makes the meat more lean. The issue has become a sticking point in trade talks between the two sides in recent years.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, or AmCham Taipei, said this week in a white paper that it hopes Taiwan will make way on the issue. The foreign ministry said in response that the government will try to balance better trade ties with the US and ensuring public food safety.

The ministry also said it will continue to communicate with the US on the reason for the ban. It said people in Taiwan tend to consume more pig innards, and these are the parts that are most heavily contaminated by ractopamine. The ministry said it hopes the US can respect Taiwan's stance on the subject.

Source: Radio Taiwan International