Foreign professionals to receive certificate submissions waiver

Taipei--Starting this month, foreign professionals who have worked in Taiwan will not have to submit diplomas or other qualification certificates when re-applying for a work permit, the Ministry of Labor said on Tuesday.

The ministry said that as part of a bid to attract more foreign professionals, it will waive the requirement for those who have previously obtained a work permit to go through the process again if they apply for a work permit to do the same kind of work with a different employer or return to a position with the same employer after a hiatus.

Chiu Yueh-yun from the ministry's Workforce Development Agency said that in the past foreign professionals who had worked in Taiwan and changed employers or were re-hired by the same employer were required to provide diplomas or other certificates as part of their work permit application.

As long as the certificates are unchanged, the agency has now decided to waive that requirement.

However, the waiver will only apply to those who engage in the same kind of work. In other words, if they change work, they will still be required to submit the certificates, Chiu said.

She estimated that nearly 7,000 people will benefit from the waiver.

Chiu also reminded foreign nationals in Taiwan not to engage in work that falls beyond the scope of their work permit, or they can be fined NT$30,000-NT$150,000 (US$4,900).

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council