Former president gets medical parole extended

Taipei, The Ministry of Justice’s Agency of Corrections approved Friday an application by former President Chen Shui-bian (???) to have his medical parole extended to Aug. 4, the 14th time he has extended his time outside the Taichung Prison for medical reasons.

Lee Chin-kuo (???), deputy warden at the Taichung Prison, which is responsible for Chen’s jail sentence, told reporters that the diagnosis from the Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and the MacKay Memorial Hospital in Taipei found the former president’s condition to be complicated and difficult to control, which is why it cannot treated while he is in prison.

The Agency of Corrections therefore gave him another three-month extension, which went into effect immediately.

Lee said that Chen must follow the regulations for a medical parolee, and that if there is evidence of major violations, the parole can be revoked.

Since being on medical parole, Chen has asked the Taichung Prison for permission to attend various public political events.

On Thursday, he received permission to attend a fundraising dinner for the pro-Taiwan independence Ketagalan Foundation Friday night.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel