Fu Jen apologizes for mishandling of rape case

Fu Jen Catholic University President Chiang Han-sun (???) offered an apology in a statement issued Sunday over the school’s handling of a rape case, saying that as the president, he was duty bound to express regret and sadness for the university’s failure to protect the victim from a second assault.

A psychology major surnamed Wu (?) was allegedly raped in June last year by another student in the department after she became inebriated at an event.

Her boyfriend, surnamed Chu (?), posted a long article on Facebook in May this year criticizing comments made by the university’s College of Social Sciences dean Hsia Lin-ching (???)for allegedly covering up a campus sexual assault case, which he said had caused a second harm to the victim.

Wu recently took to Facebook to publicly apologize to Hsia, a professor of psychology, and those involved in the case. The post provoked outrage among netizens, with many questioning why a sexual assault victim should be made to apologize and suspecting that she might have been forced to apologize.

Control Yuan members Kao Feng-hsien (???) has volunteered to investigate the case and look into whether the university has been negligent in carrying out its supervisory responsibilities.

At the suggestion of the school’s gender equality committee, the university had announced on Sept. 23 at a press conference the suspension of Hsia from her duties as dean.

In addition, the Education Ministry released a statement indicating that the ministry had already issued a notice to the university, stating that the school’s handling of the sexual assault case had violated the Gender Equity Education Act and demanding that the school must provide a proposal to improve their response to the case by Oct. 31.

Failure to meet the school’s gender equality committee’s demands will lead to penalties.

Anonymous H.K. said Saturday on a Facebook post that it disabled Fu Jen Catholic University’s website at 1:30 p.m. that day, in an attack aimed at demanding that the university settle the case before Oct. 20 by bringing rapist Wang to justice and extending an official apology to the sexual assault victim Wu.

In the Sunday statement, Chiang said that the school will always stand by the side of students and the case is being investigated by a third party, adding that he hopes the public will give back peace to the school, students and teachers.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel