Gas and diesel prices fall again on dipping int’l oil prices

Taiwan's gas and diesel prices are set to drop again slightly this week. Taiwan's state-owned fuel company, CPC Corp., Taiwan, said on Sunday that it's lowering gasoline and diesel prices in response to a dip in international crude oil prices. It said that the falling oil prices were a result of an increase in oil production in the United States.

CPC said it will cut gas prices by NT$0.2 and diesel prices by NT$0.3 per liter, starting at midnight on Sunday heading into Monday morning. That's a decrease of a little over half a cent US for one liter of gas, and one US cent per liter of diesel.

After the adjustment, fuel prices per liter will be: for super diesel, NT$21.2; for 92 octane unleaded, NT$23.6; for 95 octane unleaded, NT$25.1; and for 98 octane unleaded, NT$27.1 per liter. However, the company says that the actual price will be based on the figures posted at individual points of sale.

Source: Radio Taiwan International