Gov’t to consider giving parent killers a lesser punishment

The justice ministry is considering reducing the punishment for people who are found guilty of killing their parents. That’s in light of the fact that some perpetrators are victims of domestic violence. Deputy Justice Minister Tsai Pi-chung spoke about the issue on Monday during an interview.

Lawmakers are currently reviewing an amendment to the Criminal Code that has been in place for 82 years.

Under Article 272, those convicted of murdering their parents are to be sentenced to either death or life imprisonment. But the justice ministry is planning to introduce a lighter punishment, of perhaps up to ten years in prison.

Tsai said he hopes that the amendment, if passed, will allow judges some leeway in their rulings.

Parents have the responsibility of raising their children. But the fact is that some parents do [horrible] and unreasonable things in the process,” said Tsai. “Those factors should be taken into consideration when the court hands down a verdict.

That was Deputy Justice Minister Tsai Pi-chung talking about the possibility of offering reduced sentences for people found guilty of killing a parent.

Source: Radio Taiwan International