Gov’t to hold national culture meeting in December

Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun says the government is planning to hold a national culture meeting in December. Cheng was speaking Monday at a ceremony marking the 95th anniversary of the Taiwan Culture Association.

Founded in 1921, the association is aimed at promoting local culture under the Japanese occupation.

Cheng praised the association for rebuilding Taiwanese culture and asserting Taiwanese identity, so that Taiwan can make progress in the areas of politics, the economy, democracy and culture.

Cheng said the government will build a bottom-up system of support to enable Taiwan's unique history, education and culture to take root.

[Early members] of the association introduced the first wave of a localized cultural movement in the 20th century. Today we want to continue that spirit. We hope that through the government we can offer support to the private sector in the creation of Taiwanese culture in the 21st century. We are pursuing the use of culture as a means for revitalizing and upgrading Taiwan, for shaping the nation and for defining Taiwanese people in the 21st century on the global stage," said Cheng.

Source: Radio Taiwan International