Groups opposed to same-sex marriage want referendum

Groups who are opposed to same-sex marriage in Taiwan are calling for a referendum on the legality of the issue. That's after the Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry. The court has ordered changes to the Civil Code within two years to ensure the marriage rights of same-sex couples.

The Happiness Alliance is one civic group that is unhappy about the ruling. A representative of the group, Tseng Hsien-ying, claimed that more than half of the public in Taiwan are against same-sex marriage, a claim not backed by the majority of opinion polls. Tseng maintained that the grand justices had colluded with groups who favor same-sex marriage and ignored opposing voices. She called for an immediate referendum on the issue.

A similar group, the Family Guardian Coalition of Taiwan Religions, said the ruling flawed. It said the verdict affected the essence of traditional marriage, infringed on legislative authority and harmed trust on the nation's legal system. The group raised the possibility of seeking another constitutional interpretation of same-sex marriage.

Though such groups claim to represent majority public opinion, their rallies have consistently been far smaller than demonstrations in favor of same-sex marriage.

Source: Radio Taiwan International