Hackers to faceoff in Taiwan in October

Hackers around the world are scheduled to compete in one of the biggest online hacking wargames in Asia at the Hacks In Taiwan Conference (HITCON) in early October, to challenge information security with the hope they will help security experts make systems safer.

The 12th HITCON Capture The Flag (HITCON CTF), a preliminary marathon-style online wargame, is scheduled to be held Oct. 8-9, the organizer said Saturday.

The top 10 winning teams will attend the final physical competition to be held in Taiwan in December.

In addition, the winner at HITCON's wargame finals will qualify to attend next year's DEF CON 25 CTF -- one of the world's largest hacker conventions, held annually in Las Vegas, the organizer said.

HITCON is a highly technical security conference in Taiwan, where a lot of information security researchers equipped with professional expertise and experience are working.

The conference aims to provide a platform for all participants "to share their newest and exciting findings, to talk without worries, to exchange experience face to face" with the experts, HITCON said on its website.

Contestants will be challenged to solve the thorny information security problems raised by the organizers and solve puzzles.

According to HITCON, hackers represent a challenging spirit and have tremendous knowledge and skills regarding information security.

The winning team from the HITCON CTF last year grasped the fourth place in the DEF CON CTF held in Las Vegas in August 2016, marking the third consecutive year for HITCON CTF's winner to make it into the top 4 in DEF CON CTF.

Therefore, DEF CON CTF's organizers have said that the winning team in HITCON CTF will definitely be able to compete in its bigger competition again next year.

In Taiwan, the first HITCON wargame was held in 2005. Since 2015, HITCON has secured assistance from the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to hold the competition in a bid to raise awareness about information security.

The government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute has been entrusted by the MOEA to provide support to HITCON to expand the size of the competition to make the wargame a good example to show the cooperation between the private information security sector and the government.

In 2015, HITCON CTF attracted a total of 969 teams to compete in the wargame with more than 1,500 hackers from many countries, including Taiwan, China, the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Russia.

Last year, HITCON's annual meeting was themed "Security of Things" and aimed to raise the public's awareness about information security in the Internet era.

To encourage more competitors to join the wargame, HITCON said the winner will be awarded by US$18,000 in prize money.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel