Health minister protests Chinese boycott of Taiwan at WHA

Taiwan's Health Minister Chen Shih-chung has held a press conference in Geneva to protest China's boycott of Taiwan's participation in this year's World Health Assembly (WHA).

The annual meeting of the WHA, which is the governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO) kicked off in Geneva on Monday (local time).

At an international press conference on the same day, Chen said Taiwan needs the WHO and the WHO also needs Taiwan. The health minister said it's unfair that Taiwan has been blocked by China, because Taiwan was aiming to share its experience creating a robust health insurance system and providing quality medical care.

Chen also protested the WHA's refusal to grant Taiwanese journalists press passes to cover the event.

We want to express our dissatisfaction. When it comes to our reporters being unable to obtain press passes, I believe that there are two problems: one is that it hurts the press freedoms of the fourth estate, and the other is that it hurts our people's right to health," said Chen. "We want to express our extreme dissatisfaction with both of these.

Source: Radio Taiwan International