Heavy penalty sought for woman charged with multiple robberies

Taipei-Taipei prosecutors on Thursday asked the court to hand down a heavy sentence for a woman accused of drugging and robbing three seniors, crimes she is accused of committing while appealing the verdict in a separate case in which she was found guilty of doing the same to eight other men.

In the first case the 67-year-old woman, identified by her family name Huang (?), was charged with drugging and robbing elderly men she picked up in public areas of Wanhua District from 2016-2017, prosecutors said.

Huang was found guilty of targeting eight men, all of advanced age in that period, an investigation by police and prosecutors found.

The investigation indicated that Huang would approach elderly men she targeted and chat with them. After going back to their residence or hers she would then drug them and rob them after they lost consciousness, prosecutors said.

In February 2020, Taipei District Court sentenced Huang to eight years and 10 months in jail on charges of robbery and theft. However, she appealed the verdict which is currently being reviewed by Taiwan High Court.

It has since been discovered that Huang, who ran a hotel in Hualien from 1991-1993, previously served time in jail for similar crimes, the prosecutor said.

After the district court handed down its guilty verdict, Huang continued to seek out new victims to drug and rob, prosecutors said.

In the latest case, Huang is accused of stealing NT$3,600 and the national ID card of a man surnamed Hsieh (?) who she encountered when riding an electric bike near the MRT Longshan Temple Station. She allegedly persuaded Hsieh to go to her residence where she drugged and robbed him before bundling him outside and leaving him on the side of the road.

On the night of Nov. 1 last year, Huang got chatting with a man identified as Hsu (?) on the street and accompanied him to his home, where she drugged his drink before stealing NT$500, a mobile phone and cigarettes, the investigation showed.

A week later, Huang approached a man surnamed Chen (?) in public. Chen was already drunk, but rejected Huang's offer of a drink and sought to leave.

The two became embroiled in a physical altercation as a result of which Chen fell to the ground several times, with Huang stealing NT$2,000 and keys from his pocket.

Given that Huang has committed multiple crimes and shown no remorse, prosecutors said the court needs to impose a strict punishment to protect the residents of Wanhua District.

They asked the judges for a jail term of no less than one year for Huang's three most recent crimes, while also enrolling her on a compulsory skills training program before serving her jail term.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel