High schoolers build app to track down restrooms

A group of high-school students in Tainan has designed a series of mobile applications to be released from next month, including one that helps people find public restrooms.

After taking National Tainan Second Senior High School's first-ever course on international information technology for a semester, the 35 students together designed 11 mobile apps aimed at solving everyday problems, instructor Tu Yi-lang said on Thursday.

The restroom app was designed by first-year students Wu Hsuan-ta, Chuang Tzu-ching, Hou Yi-fan and Wu Yu-jen.

For now, it helps locate public restrooms in the vicinity of nine popular tourist attractions, including the Chihkan Tower, Hayashi Department Store, Tainan Art Museum, Guohua Street and Fujhong Street.

The app also tells users whether a restroom has toilet paper and provides a cleanliness rating.

Another app, designed by Chien Jui-kuan, Wang Cheng-yang and Hsiao Yi-ping, helps users track their daily calorie intake and control their diets based on their height, weight, age, exercise patterns and other factors.

Chien, Wang and Hsiao said that they are working on making their app more sophisticated and would be entering it into a competition.

The other apps include one that aims to tackle cellphone addiction, and one that locates beverage chains and themed restaurants near school campuses, Tu said.

The apps would be made available on Google Play, he added.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council