Hot weather forecast for this week

Taipei–The weather around Taiwan proper and the outlying islands will remain hot this week, with highs of 37 degrees Celsius expected in Keelung and other areas of northern Taiwan on Monday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Throughout most of Taiwan, daytime high temperatures are likely to range between 34 and 35 degrees Monday, while in northern Taiwan, Hualien and Taitung highs of 36-37 degrees can be expected, the CWB said.

Ultraviolet rays will remain high, reaching dangerous levels around noon, the CWB said, urging people to take precautions if they must go outdoors and to stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke.

It also forecast afternoon thunderstorms in mountainous areas of the country and nearby flatlands.

For the rest of the week, the weather will remain hot and sunny, with nighttime temperatures falling no lower than 28 degrees, according to Cheng Ming-dean (???), director of the weather bureau’s Meteorological Research and Development Center.

On his Facebook page, Cheng said the temperature in Taipei stayed above 36 degrees for a long time on Sunday, which was an indication that summer is at its peak.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel