Hot weather forecast to ease

Taipei--The hot weather in Taiwan over the past few days will ease off slightly Thursday due to a weakening continental tropical air mass moving north and increased moisture near the country, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

However, daytime high temperatures could hover between 35 degrees Celsius and 36 degrees in the greater Taipei area and Taoyuan in the north, and between 33 and 34 degrees in other areas of the country, according to the CWB.

As of Wednesday, Taipei had already recorded 15 days of temperatures above 37 degrees this year, including eight days recorded this month, according to the CWB data.

The weather on Thursday will remain sunny and hot, with chances of thunderstorms in mountainous areas, the greater Taipei area and plains in central and southern Taiwan, according to the CWB forecast.

Air quality around Taiwan is expected to be good to fair from Thursday to Saturday, according to the Environmental Protection Administration's Air Quality Index.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel