Hualien reports severe building damage after magnitude 6.0 quake (update)

Taipei, Hualien County in eastern Taiwan has reported several cases of severe damage to buildings, including a caved-in hotel, in the wake of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck the area late Tuesday, according to the National Fire Agency.

The temblor that registered an intensity of 7 in downtown Hualien led to Marshal Hotel caving in and Beautiful Life Hotel tilting. A number of people were trapped in the buildings and firefighters have been working hard to help them out.

The military has also sent servicemen on rescue missions.

"I have never experienced an earthquake as large as this one. I am terrified," said Amy Chen, a 64-year-old flower arrangement teacher in Hualien City who was at home with her husband when the quake hit.

"The bookshelves in my home toppled and flower vases fell and broke. There are scattered glasses everywhere," Chen told CNA.

She said she is afraid to go back to bed and is now sitting in her living room, which is close to the front door of her house. "I've got a bottle of water, my phone and my purse next to me. I've put on outdoor clothes. I'm ready to run if I need to."

Source: Focus Taiwan