Hung will not overstep her role: KMT policy chief

The executive director of the opposition Kuomintang's (KMT) policy committee, Tsai Cheng-yuan, says KMT chairperson Hung Hsiu-chu will not overstep her authority when meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping this coming week. Tsai was speaking at a press conference on Sunday as Hung prepared to depart for China.

The KMT has held an annual party-to-party forum with the Communist Party since 2006. In previous years the meeting was referred to as the Cross-strait Economic, Trade and Cultural Forum. But this year, the first year since 2008 that the KMT is not in power in Taiwan, the forum has been renamed the Cross-strait Peaceful Development Forum.

KMT leader Hung Hsiu-chu has advocated the signing of a peace accord with Beijing. But a top government official in charge of China affairs has reminded Hung and her delegation not to overstep the bounds of Taiwan's laws concerning cross-strait exchanges.

Hung and her seven-member delegation will arrive in China on Sunday night. They will visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum in Nanjing on Oct. 31, before Hung meets with Xi, who will be participating in his capacity as general secretary of the Communist Party of China. The meeting will be followed by the two-day Cross-strait Peace Development Forum.

Source: Radio Taiwan International