Indonesian president meets Taiwanese business delegation

Indonesian President Joko Widodo met with a Taiwanese business delegation Wednesday and expressed gratitude for Taiwan's investment in his country over the years, while inviting more investment from Taiwan.

It was the first time Widodo had received a delegation of Taiwanese business representatives since he assumed the presidency in October 2014.

The delegation included Cathay Financial Holdings Chairman Tsai Hung-tu, Mitac-Synnex Group Chairman Matthew Miao, and Andrew Hsia of the Phu My Hung Development Corp., a subsidiary of the Taipei-based Central Trading and Development Group.

Members of Pou Chen Group, Taiyen Biotech Co. and Neo Solar Power Corp. were also on the delegation, which comprised representatives from about 30 Taiwanese companies.

During the meeting, the Taiwanese business representatives talked about their future investment plans for Indonesia.

Widodo said his country welcomes Taiwanese investment. He also noted the ongoing economic reforms in Indonesia, which he said will help improve the investment environment there.

He expressed gratitude to Taiwanese companies that have invested in Indonesia and created many job opportunities for local people.

Indonesia is seeking to develop solar energy, he said, inviting Taiwanese companies to invest in that area.

The delegation's visit came at a time when the Taiwan government is pushing its "New Southbound Policy" to advance ties with countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council,