Inflation up slightly in April

The consumer price index (CPI) went up slightly in April, both year-on-year and compared to the previous month. That's according to the latest numbers from the government's statistics office.

The CPI is a main indicator of inflation, measuring changes in prices of goods and services purchased by the average household.

The government figures show the CPI was up by 0.27% from March, and up 0.12% compared to April 2016. The biggest contributor to the uptick was the communication and transportation sector, which went up 2.3%. The food sector saw a slight drop-off of 2.38%. However, the average spending on eating out went up by almost 2% and registered a 23-month high.

Asked whether the country's new labor law had had any effect, a senior statistics official said it is difficult to calculate exactly how much the change in CPI was affected by the new overtime pay structure.

Source: Radio Taiwan International