International cooperation towards green innovation and development material

The Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs held the Forum for Green Innovative Material Industry in the National Taiwan University. The key subject was the development and application trends of green innovative material products. The forum aims to drive the domestic new materials into the Five Main Innovative R&D Industries, to link the relevant industries, and follow-up search of talents for cooperation and technical research as well as development, etc. The topics and directions of this forum will be listed to promote the international collaborations under this year's platform plan of high-value chemical material.

Taiwan has been actively promoting high value-added transformation of petrochemical industry since 2011. After a 5-year effort and cooperative promotion from industry, government, academia, high value-added promotion of the whole petrochemical industry has achieved initial goals. More Taiwanese companies invested on pilot production research test for new product, and total R&D investment of the petrochemical industry per total revenue has increased three times. Under this basis, petrochemical industry should then introduce the circular economic model in order to create high value-added materials via green environmental manufacturing process and high performance product featuring low pollution and low carbon emission. Today, in the forum, the representatives from each sector sought the items and directions for development linking to the Five Main Innovative R&D Industries. Finally, through Industry Development Bureau's international conference at the end of this year, the items and directions will be discussed pertaining to the promotion method of international cooperation.

The international cooperation promotion can improve the competitiveness of the Taiwanese industry, shorten product development period, and explore international market. Meanwhile, the petrochemical industry in our country may have more opportunities to form alliances with different industries globally, creating new industrial value and niche.

In the future, the Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs will hold two to three forums for the industry and academia, in order to have opinions from each side. In the end of this year, the opinions will serve as a reference to provide to the international forum that will begin to invite foreign and domestic experts to find out the most suitable items and directions. These will be used as the basis for developing green innovative materials in the future to support the Five Main Innovative R&D Industries.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs