International Design House Exhibition opens in Taipei

One hundred designers from 13 international cities are featuring their work at a new exhibition in Taipei, with the theme: improving the city with design. That's part of the International Design House Exhibition, which opened on Thursday and will last through Oct. 30.

The expo is one of Taipei's main events as the World Design Capital, 2016. It is housed in six exhibition halls, with Songshan Cultural & Creative Park serving as the main exhibition area. Some 30 additional satellite exhibition areas show off lifestyle, fashion and artistic features of Taipei.

President Tsai Ing-wen spoke at Thursday's opening. She said design has the ability to change cities and is good for the country as a whole. The president said, "Design is a very important industry. Design strength is a symbol of national strength. We shall use the power of the government to support the development of design to create a design industry and a style of design that are uniquely Taiwanese.

Tsai said designers should play a more important role in the formulation of public policy, to bring it closer to the needs of the public. She urged private companies to be brave and generous in investing in design, which she said can contribute to long-term competitiveness.

Source: Radio Taiwan International