International Health Literacy Conference to be held in Taichung

Taipei, The 2018 International Health Literacy Conference will be held in Taichung, central Taiwan, Oct. 26-27, with more than 200 health leaders from over 30 countries expected to attend, organizers said at a press conference held at Chungshan Medical University on Monday.

The Asian Health Literacy Association's (AHLA) annual meeting will be jointly hosted by AHLA, Taichung City Government and Chungshan Medical University, the organizers said, adding that it will feature keynote lectures, talks by international health literacy leaders, a series of workshops and other activities.

The main topics of the meeting will include health literacy, injury prevention and control, the Asian health literacy agenda 2018~2030, health literacy in the global health, health literacy in the media, social media, communication, health literacy and hospice and palliative care.

Speaking at the press conference, Chungshan Medical University President Lu Ke-huan (???) said health literacy is the foundation of a healthy modern society. In addition, a higher level of health literacy can lead to a decrease in health care expenditure.

Health literacy refers to the skills needed to read, understand, and act on basic health care information.

At present, Taiwanese have a life expectancy (LE) that is six to seven years longer than their healthy life expectancy (HLE) and reducing that gap will make people healthier, Lu added.

Tsai Ming-che (???), dean of Chungshan Medical University College of Medicine, said that people with low health literacy skills often seek repeated medical attention, take medicine wrongly and use more health care services, which result in higher public expectations of healthcare.

Taichung City Government Secretary-General Huang Ching-mao (???) said the development of health literacy is related to the health of its citizens, which is why the government is committed to enhancing health literacy and promoting the concept in schools and hospitals.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel